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AOL Desktop Gold is an updated version of the conventional AOL desktop. AOL users will notice that the new desktop has a range of features that guarantee a whole new browsing experience. But despite these features, even if you upgrade AOL Gold, it does encounter errors and will stop working. If you have encountered errors because of which AOL Gold stopped working then this article is just for you.

Errors that AOL Desktop Gold encounters are normally indicated by error messages or error codes. Based on the messaged or cod user can understand where exactly the issues are. There are a number of indications to look out for to check if AOL is functioning normally or not.

What happens when AOL Desktop Gold stops working?

Here are some errors that may indicate AOL Desktop Gold is not working:

  • The program crashes without warning.
  • A black screen frequently opens while you are working with this software.
  • You are clicking the AOL Gold icon but nothing is happening.
  • The software opens but there is no response from the webpage.
  • You cannot send or receive emails on your AOL account

How to Troubleshoot when AOL Gold Desktop stops working?

Here are some quick and simple troubleshooting steps you can follow if your AOL software is not working:

Solution 1: Check and update the application
One of the best features AOL Gold is that it updates automatically. But if there is an error with the software then the updates will not be downloaded. In that case, you will have to manually check and see if there are any software updates that need to be completed.

Solution 2: General settings
Whenever you update Windows or any other application, there are certain changes made to the computer settings. These changes can affect the smooth functioning of AOL Desktop Gold. Check to see that there are no changes in the settings that could disrupt the working of AOL. You can also try to restore setting back to when AOL was working.

Solution 3: Check the Add-ons
It is possible that some add-ons that are installed on your system are incompatible with AOL Desktop Gold. The best thing to do is to disable these add-ons and run a scan of your system.

Solution 4: Download install file
When you see the message saying AOL Desktop Gold has stopped working you can follow the steps below to download AOL Gold and run an updated install file:

  • Go to the AOL website and download the updated install file.
  • Open the file and run it on your system
  • Go to the AOL icon and open Desktop Gold after running the installer.

If these solutions do not work then go ahead and Contact AOL customer service and speak to a trained customer executive about the issues you are facing.

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