Terms & Conditions

The following are explained to our company's terms and conditions to use instant support helpline services (which you can get easily on the aolustec247 website.). We, at aolustec247 do not have any hidden terms and conditions. Our teams provide a legal contract to you (client) with all the terms and conditions, want your acceptance only, and after you agreed.

Our tech support team (aolustec247) offers a three-way procedure of using tech support services i.e. through phone, email or by remote system technology by using flawless internet. Either you can opt for staying on the phone if hitch is tiny or if unable to understand via the phone call, our tech executives will access your device via remotely only if verbal instruction that our expert technicians provide a user will not sufficient. Our team also grants the client's permission to establish a remote connection on their computer or a laptop device & work on it in front of them in the customer's presence. With the help of remote access, our IT professionals will connect instantly and establish only done once you agree to it and permit to us for the same so that we continue to work done & render fixation process.

We will only make the connection to the computer systems between our expert and a client as registered with us in our contact details and won’t be accountable for other computer systems at your place. We at aolustec247 always proffer genuine as well logical effort to remove your computer hiccups or to recommend you the next possible course of steps towards resolution. All possible solutions will be taken only after the client's acceptance.

Limitations To Law

You agree that if there is any case where instant support helpline is held responsible for any cause, then in no circumstances the liability of our tech support company will be greater than the sum paid to any software server providers purchased. aolustec247 can anytime modify, review our company's terms & conditions as per the law and the same continuously be updated on our website.

Live Help Call Records

Browser Guide has a right to call all records as discussed between the customer and our technical executive. In addition, it is mandatory to call record of each client as per the company rule so that if in addition if any user is not able to change their statement after troubleshooting the process.

Browser Guide Is Not Liable

We guide to all our clients, make a call at this given AOL toll-free helpline number +1-800-705-4117. Be noticed, we never make a single call for any pending payment. In addition, we suggest not to share your financial secrets with an unknown person who pretends to be a browser guide employee.